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IPO Pakistan and SIPO agree to MOU
23 March 2017 | Islamabad | Reporter: Barney Dixon
The deal will ensure high levels of cooperation in patent examination
China dominates 2016 PCT applications
15 March 2017 | Geneva | Reporter: Mark Dugdale
Chinese companies are continuing their onward march in dominating patent applications, with ZTE Corporation ranking as the biggest filer of international applications in 2016
Apple hits Qualcomm in China
26 January 2017 | Beijing | Reporter: Barney Dixon
Smartphone maker Apple has taken Qualcomm to court in China following the filing of its near $1 billion lawsuit in the US...
IP5 PPH programme extended
20 January 2017 | Beijing | Reporter: Barney Dixon
China has an IP plan
16 January 2017 | Beijing | Reporter: Mark Dugdale
Australian patent system grants exclusivity ‘too readily’
05 January 2017 | Canberra | Reporter: Barney Dixon
Qualcomm fined $853 million in South Korea
03 January 2017 | Sejong | Reporter: Barney Dixon
China breaks record as biggest innovator
23 November 2016 | Geneva | Reporter: Barney Dixon
Genetically engineered cow patent is moody
21 November 2016 | Sydney | Reporter: Barney Dixon
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WIPO: Inventor gender gap exists
15 November 2016 | Sydney | Reporter: Mark Dugdale
TiVo renews IP licences with Panasonic
01 November 2016 | Kadoma | Reporter: Barney Dixon
IPOS signs deal with DIPP
05 October 2016 | Singapore | Reporter: Barney Dixon
Xenith IP acquires Watermark Group
24 August 2016 | Sydney | Reporter: Barney Dixon
Qualcomm inks another deal in China
03 August 2016 | San Diego | Reporter: Barney Dixon
NZ/Aus patent processes could be scrapped
29 July 2016 | Wellington | Reporter: Barney Dixon
Taylor Wessing launches new association in Hong Kong
14 July 2016 | Hong Kong | Reporter: Barney Dixon
Australia launches fast-track patent pilot
04 July 2016 | Canberra | Reporter: Barney Dixon
VMI Group speeds ahead in China
01 July 2016 | China | Reporter: Barney Dixon
Qualcomm attempts to swat Meizu
27 June 2016 | Beijing | Reporter: Tammy Facey
Apple gains stay of design infringement ruling
22 June 2016 | Beijing | Reporter: Tammy Facey
SIPO clarifies joint liability in administrative proceedings
07 June 2016 | Shanghai | Reporter: Mark Dugdale
Microsoft transfers patents to Xiaomi
01 June 2016 | Washington DC | Reporter: Tammy Facey
Vinson & Elkins opens new office
26 May 2016 | Taipei, Taiwan | Reporter: Mark Dugdale
Huawei accuses Samsung in China and the US
25 May 2016 | Shenzhen | Reporter: Mark Dugdale
India releases new IP policy
17 May 2016 | Mumbai | Reporter: Tammy Facey
India grants Gilead Sciences patent for Sovaldi
16 May 2016 | Mumbai | Reporter: Tammy Facey
Chew to lead China office for Haseltine Lake
25 April 2016 | Guangzhou | Reporter: Tammy Facey
Key IP cases in China to be published in English
18 April 2016 | Beijing | Reporter: Tammy Facey
Japanese patent applications at record low
14 April 2016 | Tokyo | Reporter: Tammy Facey
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