29 June 2017
New York
Reporter: Barney Dixon

BRIC nations hit patent high

International filing rates have continued to grow considerably, especially in Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC), according to a new survey from RWS inovia.

According to the report, the 2017 Global Patent IP Trends Indicator, 87 percent of over 115 international companies and universities surveyed have filed patents in at least one of the BRIC nations in the last five years.

Overall patent activity and international filing rates rose in 2016, with over 41 percent of respondents filing more than half of their patent applications internationally, compared to 34 percent in 2015.

Justin Simpson, founder of the inovia platform said: “Our report shows that regions once considered to be emerging by the global patent community have matured into central patent hubs. This doesn’t come to us a surprise as almost all of our clients have made China a primary focus over the past several years.”

“At the same time, we are seeing new international markets develop as patent filing centers because of shifts in manufacturing centers, research & development and filing costs.”

He added: “This highlights the significance of a broad and expansive IP portfolio as companies grow, and we look forward to helping our clients implement smart patent strategies in key regions such as South America, Eastern Europe and Asia.”

In a separate interview, Simpson said that China, in particular, is taking intellectual property more seriously.

He said: “They file more patent applications than pretty much any other country in the world. Mostly, they’re filing locally. Some of it is them trying to get their stats up, however, as a lot of these applications aren’t legitimate, but nevertheless, when a country files 1.2 million patent applications in a year, they’re taking IP seriously.”

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